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This section is a the part where I say thank you to the people who painstakingly spent hours helping me test and develop the site into what you can now see.

FSF Merlin Has helped me by suggesting ideas Such as instead of a standard date and time a Star date and each user can see the time and date in their own local area Merlin also helped with the development of the IRC chat window which you are using now. Merlin there are so many ways he helped me with the site I could not list them all here

FSF Black Jack who I bugged a lot about my coding when I could not remember what I was doing. She spent a few nights talking me though things and making sure I did not delete the site in those nightmare nights of coding without coffee.

FSF Bri who asked the questions that only Bri can ask things like "Why not put a IRC chat on the site so that we can gain access to things when simming from one window."

Beta testers for the Site Include the following hosts and simmers

FSF Merlin I bugged him something rotten about looking at the lay out and site format

FSF Esrom I spent many nights Iming her and dragging her to the test area to test new parts of the sight as well as my spelling and grammar

FSF Bri never one to shay away Bri was always interested in what I was doing and tested out the sections of the site that I Was putting up

the USS Akira's Doctor Isabeau Devlen Who managed to do the imposable and keep me sane She was on hand every step of the way to keep me calm and relaxed Thank you Beau I'll be in sickbay later for more meds

FSF Falk he was the first in a line of testers that I roped into looking at the site

FSF Titan who offered insight into how the LCARS colours and layout looks and can be adapted

FSF Josh who helped me work out the join page By sharing a small code snippet from his USS Providence Site

Ben Monroe who spent time on skype finding me Info for the design Page thank you Ben

FSF Ignatius always reminding me about my sims and to take a break from time to time as well as testing links and new aspects of the site

FSF Sail who I plagued like the black death whilst he was working away in real life for always being here with advice and a good source of music though FSF radio 2's site

FSF Margo who pushed for me to finish the site and reminded me it is about the sim not how much rubbish I can cram on to one page

FSF EBK who has been digging away though the archives of the past to find me some more of the history for Starbase 35

A special thanks goes out to ShadowDark7 Most of you know her By Ari. She helped me smile when I was ready to delete the whole test site by telling me jokes and linking me some funny you tube clips Ari was among the 4 original beta testers for the site

Simulation: Starbase 35
Format: IRC Chat
Channel: #starbase35
Time; 6pm EST
Fleet: Alpha Fleet

The simulation hosts are FSF Myth FSF Merlin and FSF Bastetovski they will be happy to assist you