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Simulation: Starbase 35
Format: IRC Chat
Channel: #starbase35
Time; 6pm EST
Fleet: Alpha Fleet

Welcome to the Starbase 35

Starbase 35 Has a rich history with in FSF this is just a small part of it . FSF is more than just a palce to game it is a palce to meet people have fun and relax.




Starbase 35

History Launch Night Roster Starbase 35 was launched on Stardate 236503.29 (March 29, 2365/2008) with the following people in attendance:

Senior Staff

Starbase Administrator/Commanding Officer: Admiral Robert Bell

Deputy Starbase Administrator/Executive Officer: Captain Brenna Blacklance

Head of Starbase Intelligence/Second Officer: Lt Mia Dunne

Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Christian Kelly

Head of Starbase Engineeering: Lt JG Kylara Stark

Head of Starbase Security: Lt JG Shannon Connor

Director of Starbase Operations: Lt JG Nick Clarke (RIP)

Director of Starbase Sciences: Lt JG Harrison Smitt

Assistant Engineer: Ensign Robert Werner

Assistant Security Officer: Ensign Kris Janeway

Assistant Intelligence Officer: Ensign Kerian Kelly


The simulation hosts are FSF Myth FSF Merlin and FSF Bastetovski they will be happy to assist you